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Hi. I'm Kristyna, nice to meet you:) I grew up in the huge metropolis of Salvisa. KY (ok-so a gas station, ruritan club, and volunteer fire dept. isn't huge). I have decided to be a part time photographer because ever since I was little with my 110 film hot pink and teal camera that I thought was the most awesome thing ever created, I have had a jump up and down-shed a tear-get the chills-smile from ear to ear kind of passion for photography. Although my views have changed from a 6 yr old taking pictures of close ups of cats, the back of peoples heads and headshots of cows, I still have a desire to take pictures that make you get warm fuzzies when you look at them. In the busy lives we all lead its easy to watch a child grow up so fast and wonder where the time went, and its so common to keep putting off that family picture you've been meaning to take since little Johnny was 3...now that he is 16. But years down the road you will look back and realize these days are gone, and you will be so thankful that you have those pictures to help you relive those moments that we cherish and miss. I don't try to take everyday traditional flawless pictures. Life is not flawless..so if you're not looking, your shirt is a little untucked, your child has a kool-aid mustache and not everyones clothes match...no biggie. Just be fun, just be happy, just be carefree.

Just Be Yourself.

Update: I am now full time-I took the leap in May of 2013! Also as of September 2012, I am Kristyna Lewis! I'm married to a sweet country boy that puts up with all of my prop buying, camera always in his face craziness. I am blessed for sure :)